Kashmir can be resolved only when all parties are on board: Malik in Kulgam

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JKLF chief Muhammad Yasin Malik Friday reached Kulgam and addressed a gathering at Bogam in Kulgam after Friday prayers.

Malik while speaking on the occasion said, “India broke-down the process of talks with Pakistan objecting to Sartaj Aziz’s proposed meeting with Kashmiris and termed Kashmiris as a non-entity.”

Today, Malik said, Yashwant Sinha is asking Kashmiris to minus Pakistan and start dialogue with India minus Pakistan.

He said that we Kashmiris want to ask Indians to come clean on this and reveal their original intentions behind these contradictory stances.

“Nothing has been more detrimental to the interests of Kashmiris other than power and election politics. Martyrs are our real heroes and we as a nation are indebted to their sacrifices.”

Malik also visited the families of recent “martyrs” and expressed solidarity with their bereaved families.

“JKLF chairman spent a good time with these families and told them that nation of Kashmir was at their back. He then travelled to Kulgam and reached Bogam where he addressed a mammoth gathering,” a statement issued by JKLF here read.

“Thousands of Participants in the rally raised slogans in favour of freedom, martyrs, unity and leadership. Slogans were also raised against oppression, arrests, killings and suppression unleashed by police, army and forces at the behest of so-called rulers,” the statement said.

While addressing people, JKLF chairman said that as rulers and their police have left no space available for peaceful political activities and even condolence meetings have been banned.

On Yashwant Sinha’s, who led a team to Kashmir recently, latest statement in which he had asked Kashmiris to start talks with New Delhi minus Pakistan, Yasin Malik said that India broke down the process of talks with Pakistan because Pakistani foreign minister Sartaj Aziz intended to meet Kashmiris and Indian foreign minister Sushma Sawraj said that Kashmiris were no party and there was no need to talk to them.

Today Yashwant Sinha is asking us to minus Pakistan and start a dialogue with India. “We Kashmiris want to ask Indians, both the rulers as well as self-proclaimed honest intermediaries to come clean on this and reveal their original intentions behind these contradictory stances,” Malik said.

He said that how can Indians on one day claim Kashmiris to be a non-entity and on the second day Pakistan as irrelevant regarding Jammu Kashmir issue.

He said that the process of negotiations can only work when we all first respect and then follow the norms of the process and the first and foremost norm of it is to include all parties related to the dispute in it as keeping any of the parties out of  it will mean the failure of process.

JKLF Chairman said that Kashmir issue can be resolved only when all relevant parties are on board and part of negotiation process and we want to tell India as well as Pakistan that People of Jammu Kashmir are principle party to the dispute on Jammu Kashmir and no solution can be achieved without their active involvement in the process of negotiations.

Asking people to boycott upcoming parliamentary elections, JKLF chairman said that elections for Assembly, parliament or Panchayat have been proved as most detrimental to the interests of people of Jammu Kashmir as India claims these as a vote for its occupation on Jammu Kashmir and also assemblies and other forums created through these processes are used to frame and pass black laws like AFSPA, PSA, TADA and POTA against us and also for safeguarding the interests of India and its killer forces.

Yasin Malik said, “We as a nation will have to understand the hypocritical politics of pro-India parties and politicians whose only job is to inflict miseries on us and we should at every cost keep ourselves away from election and power politics.”


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