Kashmir can explode anytime: Navlakha

KL Report


Slamming the government of Jammu and Kashmir for imposing restrictions on Martyrs Day, eminent Human Rights Activist, Gautam Navlakha Monday alleged that “Omar Abdullah led Government is treating common people of Kashmir as cattle who are being tamed by means of restrictions and curfew.”

“This is absolutely ridiculous that you force people to stay inside on gun point. How long you are going to suppress the sentiments of people. Every year restrictions are imposed on Martyrs Day and only handful of politicians are being allowed to move around the city. This depicts hypocrisy on part of the present government,” Navlakha told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding “Kashmir would burst anytime.”

He said that people of Kashmir are enjoying no rights and they are being forcibly logged into cages. “Peace which is prevailing in Kashmir is not peace. People get more alienated once the government imposes undesirable restrictions. There is no space available for people. Separatist leaders are being put under house arrest for no reason. In all these circumstances you can’t claim that peace has returned in Valley,” he said.

Navlakha said that election process is a futile exercise until and unless Kashmir issue is not resolved. “Development, elections construction of roads and hospitals would fetch nothing till the real issue is addressed,” he said.


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