Kashmir Civil Society Prevented From Visiting Rajouri, Addressing Media



A delegation of civil society that was on its way to Rajouri to interact with its counterparts was stopped Thursday afternoon and sent home. They are now addressing a news conference at 4:30 pm at Ahdoos Hotel.

“We had planned a meeting with the civil society of Rajouri for Thursday night after a very long time,” one member of the Kashmir Civil Society for Developmental Studies said. “We were stopped at Pir Ki Gali by police and they told us that they have been directed to stop us and send us home.”

The member said the cops who stopped them were even carrying the photographs of the members of the KCSDS team.

The member speaking anonymously to Kashmir Life said that the KCSDS wants to put the entire story before the people. “Right now when authorities are saying that the regions should connect, what they are actually doing,” the member said. “Let the people know it.”


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