Kashmir Doctor Retains Covid-19 Antibodies For Record Time

SRINAGAR: Kashmiri doctors whose body has IgG antibodies for a record duration was on Wednesday given a Covisheild vaccine, GMC sources said.

“The doctor has exhibited antibodies to the level of level of 1.72,” Dr M Salim Khan of the GMC said. “The existence of the anti-bodies after nine months post-infection is a record.”

The particular doctor of around 50 years of age contracted the infection on April 20 and was admitted. He recovered and is still carrying anti-bodies, after nine months.

Dr Khan said the literature suggests that people who develop antibodies can retain them for four months. They start depleting. The depletion has already set in particular doctor but it will survive for more time. Normally, people having 1.4 IgG are been seen as having anti-bodies and anything below this parameter are seen as negative.

The last IgG survey carried out by the GMC suggested that 40 per cent of the surveyed people have the anti-bodies. Though a next round did take place recently among the health workers, its results are awaited.


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