Kashmir Flooded: Army Says It Rescued 6000 Civilians

KL Report


Northern Command reported the troops rescued about 6000 civilians (4488 in 15 Corps Z and 1570 in 16 Corps Z) as around 76 relief columns put into action.

A defence spokesman said the IA in Northern Comd provided assistance to villages badly affected due to continuous rains and heavy landslides at various places in Poonch and Rajouri districts.

A number of columns were employed. The Thanamandi Battalion rescued seven people from Bai Gali where a house had collapsed and thereafter administered medical aid and also gave rations to them. The unit also recovered 13 bodies of people on whom a house had collapsed in old Thanamandi area.

Basoni Battalion evacuated around 38 people in Langiot were a number of houses had collapsed. Daraba Battalion has launched three column in Mastan Gali, Hillkaka and Daraba areas to evacuate people affected by flood’s and landslides. LKG Battalion was actively involved and is attempting rescue of 8 to 10 people from Jhallas.

The Army units themselves suffered damage to there property and security fencing but still continued assistance to Civil Administration and local people throughout the day. Inspite of roads and communication lines being cut the IA is reaching out to the people.


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