Kashmir Flooded: Decades Old Chinar in Pratap Park Falls Down, City Submerges


KL Report


Panic gripped the entire civil lines of the city after busy Hari Singh High Street submerged under water and an old Chinar in Pratap Park came down with a bang as the wet land could not hold its roots anymore.

Eyewitnesses said that there was no loss of life as both Hari Singh High Street and Maluana Azad Roads  are deserted due to existing alarming situation due to unimaginable flood.

Most of the city areas are under water included the civil secretariat and the press colony.

Reports from all over valley are alarming and most of the residential areas are completely submerged under water.

Reports said that Pampore town is mostly hit by flood and people have left their houses. Same is the case with Rajbagh, Jawaharnagar, Batamaloo and other areas of the city. In Rajbagh area people had to leave their houses in the midnight as water started flowing in on at least three spots.

Jehulm is also overflowing the banks near Hotel Ahdoos creating panic in the Lal Chowk area.


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