Kashmir Flooded: Message From KL Desk

Dear Readers

After we decided to help people in reaching out to authorities so that timely measures could be taken, our inbox is flooded with messages. This made our resolve stronger to be helping hand to people. But at the same time we request people that don’t be confused about our role. We try to reach administration through our website and in no way there is any mechanism that we can rush to that place. We try to be a link between people and administration. As long as we can, we will assist you in reaching out to concerned official

Continuing Messages:

1. Dear Sir/Madam a message from my friend Sobiya Hilal, her grand-parents are stranded, plz help. @ 56 gogjibagh next to royal polytechnic college… Names are Haji Mr and Mrs Ghulam Rasool Malik,they are old and weak and need immediate rescue. Thanks Sanjeev/sanju

2. Please help.. My family is stranded at 184 rajbagh.. Hero honda lane.. Dr. A. R. Mattoo.. Please help…Fahad Matto





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