Kashmir Floods: Employees, Students Worried Over Loss Of Vital Documents

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With the worst ever floods creating havoc all around – claiming lives and damages public property in Jammu and Kashmir, employees and students are worried about their degree certificates and service records lying inside the marooned buildings.

“I have my degree certificates at Polytechnic college, Gogji Bagh, the place that has been worst hit by the floods. I am seriously concerned as I don’t have even the photo copy of any of my document,” said Aamir Mukhtar who recently got admitted in Diploma in Civil Engineering at KGP, Srinagar.

He said that scores of his other friends have called him and narrated the same tale and are worried about the vital documents. “I am sure that they will be damaged but greater concern for us is that we have to undergo severe hardships to get the duplicate ones as we have heard that the JKBOSE is too under waters in Bemina.”

Also there are employees who express their helplessness as their service records have been damaged in floods. ” I have my office at Raj Bagh. I watched on TV the condition of the building wherein we have our service books and related records. It should  be impossible now to save them,” said Abdul Hammed who works as senior Assistant in R&B.

As the flood struck valley in first week of September, the areas that were worst hit by nature’s fury house some of the important offices of the state government including Civil Secretariat, R&B, JKBOSE, Forensic Scientific Laboratory (FSL), SMC and even Irrigation and Flood Control Department located inside the Engineering complex at Raj Bagh.

The employees while expressing serious concern over the loss of their service records stated that the damage of their service books should  prove costly for them in the near future.

The flood waters didn’t even leave the highest seat of the state administration, Civil Secretariat. The waters entered into the first storey of the building, making authorities worried about the damage of some important departments situated at the ground floor of the building.

“A service book is everything for the employee. It is the record that covers his entire service period since joining of the duty. It also records the number of promotions and the leaves that have been granted to the employee in the past. When it is damaged, be sure that everything is damaged,” said Ghulam Ahmad a retired Government servant.

Meanwhile, what needs to be seen in the coming days is the step taken by the present dispensation about the loss of the important documents of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Infact, when the waters should  recede and life should  come on track, the situation should  be much dreadful and chaotic for sure in nature. 



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