SMC Cleared 29800 Metric Tons garbage, 515 Carcasses

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The Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has put into service a fleet of 145 heavy duty vehicles for collection of garbage and other undesirable materials throughout the Srinagar city including the areas which are normally covered by the Badami-Bagh Cantonment Board.

Till now SMC has in total lifted around 29800 metric tons of waste material. Usually SMC disposes off around 400 metric tons of garbage every day.

But this much quantity of garbage has been collected round the clock. This is a record. Such a quantity of garbage has never ever been collected by SMC in such a ort span of time.

Dead Animals (Carcasses) Collection and Disposal:

A major incident of deaths  that occurred at Military Dairy Form near Bemina Crossing Chatabal (Tabela). Left 327 cows dead . SMC was requested by the army and civil administration to dispose of animal carcasses which was a big challenge as never ever such number of carcasses were disposed of by the SMC in the past.

But this task had to be accomplished as there was every apprehension of outbreak of epidemic. Each carcasses was weighing about a ton. Chief Minister, J&K State along with Mr. Nawang Rigzin Jora, Minister for Urban Development and Urban Local Bodies personally observed the operation.

SMC under the observation of Chief Minister, J&K State along with Nawang Rigzin Jora, Minister for Urban Development and Urban Local Bodies accepted this challenge and removed these carcasses within 48 hours using Robotic JCB’s, highly specialized loaders and hydraulic tippers.

Hundreds machinery units and men were put to service for this operation. Subsequently 188 carcasses from  other areas  have been lifted and properly disposed off. Total carcasses removed were 515.

For ensuring full disinfection cover to the city, SMC said it is quite common after floods epidemics do occur. In order to avoid any infection and epidemic, disinfectants were used like Black Phenyl 91 Drums, Sanitreat (Deodour) 6000 Kgs, Black Phenyl 5 Litter Pack 7000 Litters, White Phenyl 5 Litter Pack 2000 Litter, Brooms (Jadoos) 750 Numbers and Madhaam (Decomposer) 3500 Kgs. Moreover, water sprinkling were used to sprinkle phenyl in flood affected areas.

Initially the de-watering through stationed 76 pumps should  not be carried due to the fact that these were submerged. However, these have been now pressed into action besides movable de-watering pumps. 49 de-watering pumps are functional out of 76 and 22 mobile pumps had also been into service at different palaces.(KNS)

The core workforce has been provided Tetnus Toxoid Injection and Hepatits-B who are working round the clock. The food and safe potable water has been arranged for the workforce who are working at SMC head quarters besides distributing chlorine tablets to the workers and among general public.

The whole process is being looked after by the  Chief Minister of the J&K State and Nawang Rigzin Jora, Minister for UD&ULB who are taking meeting of all the connected heads of department on daily basis at 9 AM and 7 PM to take the stock of situation.


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