Kashmir is about an idea, not territory: Salman


Asserting that India cannot afford suffer another division, former union minister Salman Khurshid said the idea of India would be “incomplete” if Jammu and Kashmir is removed from it, reports Delhi based newspapers.

Salman Khurshid

Salman, reports said made the remarks at a panel discussion -Why is Kashmir Burning?

“India is less about territory and more about an idea. And, that idea essentially includes Jammu and Kashmir. And Jammu and Kashmir minus from India means we will have to redefine India in some form. But the idea of India becomes incomplete if Kashmir is removed from it,” Khurshid is quoted to have said.

“Some people think that the gaps, between what India or Bharatvarsh originally was and what modern India should be, must go,” he said in an apparent reference to BJP.

Khurshid said India for a significant period was part of the Mughal Empire and later under the British Empire, and alleged that “there are some people who believe you need to obliterate those period to recognise what India is today”.

Talking about Kashmir, he has said “Kashmir is about an idea. People think it is about territory, it is not about territory, it is about an idea that traces back to Partition.”



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