Kashmir is Disputed, Neither Jugular Vein Nor Integral Part: Eng Rasheed


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Independent MLA from Langate, Engineer Rashid had verbal duel with minister’s from ruling National Conference and MLA’s from Jammu as soon as the house began its proceedings on Friday.

Eng Rasheed asked the government to explain about the reason of imposing strict curfew restrictions and denying them to offer prayers in Jamia Masjids.

“Why whole of the Kashmir Valley is continuous strict curfew restrictions and people of Kashmir are being denied of offering prayers in Jamia Mosques,” asked Rashid.

“Curfew has been imposed despite the fact that Mutehda Majlis-e-Mushawrat had not issued any strike call for the day,” he added.

Accusing government of behaving like ‘puppets’, “doing every dam thing with Kashmiris to make them surrender who are fighting for the genuine political rights to get Jammu and Kashmir dispute resolved,” Rashid said the act shows the frustration of both civil and police administration.

Rasheed in his speech objected to the  rude and rough language used by BJP and other members against Pakistan parliament for passing a resolution condemning the hanging of Afzal Guru.

With these comments Rasheed had to face anger and shout from all the sides. But he entered in well of the house and said “ Pakistan is a party to dispute and occupies a large area of Jammu and Kashmir to which it calls Azad Kashmir and claims whole of the Kashmir as its jugular vein and India on the other side claims J&K as its integral part.”

“Both the countries confess the historic fact that whole of the Jammu and Kashmir is disputed territory and can’t be claimed as anybody’s integral part or jugular vein unless and until it is not resolved as per aspirations and sentiments of people of state and everybody knows that commitments have been made with them by both India and Pakistan from time to time,” he added.

Rejecting the notion of BJP that every Kashmiri is responsible for the attacks on CRPF, Rasheed explained, “Why don’t Jammu based politician realize that an unarmed Kashmiri doesn’t have any control on militants. If the state of India fails to stop militant activities, why are unarmed Kashmiris being made as a scapegoat in retaliation?”

Rasheed accused ruling National Conference for the miseries of Kashmir, “NC leader late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah first let down Pakistan, then facilitated accession to India and then when lost power in 1953 advocated plebiscite for 22 years and called it as a political waviness in 1975 as finally surrendered to New-Delhi in form of shameful Indra- Abdullah accord and jumped into arms of India and let Kashmiris to further confusion who had no option but to take armed struggle as their tallest leader made them to fail at the end of the day, said Rasheed.

This infuriated members and ministers of National conference and  entered into verbal dispute with Rasheed.
He challenged the MLAs that if Jammu & Kashmir is not a disputed territory then can they deny that both India and Pakistan have formally agreed, in Shimla, Tashkan, Lahore and Agra that they will resolve the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir .

“But the time has proved that govt. of India is not sincere and is keeping people of Kashmir with India at the barrel of the gun, said Rasheed while walking out of the house shouting at NC MLAs, “that you have sold-out your conscience and everything and are working proxies of India in Jammu and Kashmir and legalizing every atrocity being committed on innocent unarmed Kashmiris.”



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