Ridiculing the group of citizens from Jammu for urging PM Modi and Jammu and Kashmir governor to celebrate 26th October as accession day, independent lawmaker Er Rasheed reminded the pseudo-intellectuals enjoying in their cozy rooms not to forget that instrument of accession was itself temporary and Maharaja was promised a plebiscite by the government of India and later the same was reiterated by Delhi at United Nations on many occasions.

Er Rasheed in a statement said “The group of prominent citizens has exposed themselves by forgetting that Delhi even disrespected and bulldozed the terms and conditions of its own instrument of accession as whatsoever Kashmiris were guaranteed at the time of instrument of accession within Indian constitution till the final resolution was snatched and eroded by illegal and unconstitutional methods.

“Rather asking PM Modi to celebrate 27th October as an accession day people of J&K in one voice should ask Delhi to fulfill its commitments so that the precious lives are saved and entire sub-continent become a region of peace,” said Er Rasheed.

“No one except Delhi and its proxies are giving Jammu and Kashmir dispute a communal color which is unacceptable and tactics to create confusions about the whole issue,” Er Rasheed.

Er Rasheed asked Delhi to introspect that it should find answers why even after seventy years Indian army is seen as an occupation force in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said: “Rather asking to celebrate 27th October as accession day, these unrealistic and narrow-minded elements should answer what Indian army has achieved after landing in the sovereign state of J&K on 27th Oct. 1947.”

“Who does not know that Delhi has failed to win the hearts and minds of masses and Indian army is being seen as an occupation force. False narratives will never help New Delhi unless it does not do justice with the Kashmiris and prepare ground to win their hearts through right to self-determination,” said Er Rasheed.

Er Rasheed further added that army at its own level as an institution should understand that if it needs dirty laws like AFSPA and fake encounters besides huge atrocities, it can never ever win the hearts and minds of Kashmiris.

“Delhi should revisit its policies and understand the Himalayan fact that army has failed to achieve the desired goal and ambitions despite all propaganda machinery and might of the state at its back,” said Er Rasheed in a statement.


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