Jammu and Kashmir Governor N N Vohra on Wednesday during his independence speech at Sher-i-Kashmir Cricket Stadium in Srinagar said that only dialogue and discussion can solve Kashmir problems as argumentative approaches will never lead to any resolution.

Governor N.N.Vohra salutes during an Independence Day Programme at Sher-e-Kashmir Cricket stadium Srinagar on Wednesday, August 15, 2018. KL photo by Bilal Bahadur

Vohra in his address said that like other states Jammu and Kashmir has also been striving to achieve its developmental goals. Located at one end of the country the state suffers disadvantages on account of long distances from the major markets difficult geographical and climatic conditions and inadequate connectivity.

While talking about the education system in J&K, Vohra said that whenever he had the opportunity to visit any educational institute, he has appealed the teachers, parents and the community leaders to take every possible step for protecting the interests of the younger generation. “I appeal to all our community leaders to exercise their utmost influence to get back the boys who have deviated from the path to return home and pursue their careers.”

He further said that to pull the state out of the prevailing environment of suspicion, fear, distrust and growing cynicism, it is of crucial that all stakeholders whatever be their political convictions or religious ideologies, close ranks and muster the courage to accept that our problems can be resolved only through dialogue and discussion and by making sustained sincere efforts towards promoting reconciliation and communal harmony.

Vohra also appealed the leaders of all political parties in the state, and to those at the helm of various social, cultural, religious and other influential organisations, to ponder seriously over what had been gained from the endless turmoil, the continuing human and economic losses and the sufferings which the people have been undergoing over the past several decades.


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