Kashmir issue has to be settled, cannot keep boiling like it is: Pakistan PM


The prime minister of Pakistani Imran Khan has said that peace with India over Kashmir would be “tremendous” for the wider region, PM Khan told BBC.

Khan, a former cricketer who became leader eight months ago, said the nuclear-armed neighbours could only settle their differences with dialogue.

The report further said that when Khan was asked what message he wanted to send to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his country, Khan told the BBC’s John Simpson that the Kashmir issue “has to be settled” and “cannot keep boiling like it is”.

“The number-one tasks of the two governments are how are we going to reduce poverty and the way we reduce poverty is by settling our differences through dialogue and there is only one difference – which is Kashmir,” BBC quoted Khan as saying.

Khan while speaking about the dangers of confrontation between the two neighbours said; “Once you respond, no-one can predict where it can go from there.”

If India had “come back and then again attacked Pakistan, Pakistan would have no choice but to respond,” he added, BBC reported.


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