Kashmir Journalists Bag Gender Sensitivity Awards  

 by Urvat IL Wuska

SRINAGAR: Kashmir journalists Majid Maqbool and Safina Nabi have been awarded the 10th edition of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) supported Laadli Media Award for Gender Sensitivity 2020.

Safina Nabi

The Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity was instituted in 2007 to “acknowledge, highlight and celebrate the commendable efforts of print and electronic media (TV, Radio and Web) and advertising agencies, to promote gender sensitivity as an integral part of their work.” It started off as a Mumbai centric event and was subsequently taken to the national level with the support of UNFPA.

Seventy-five media persons received the awards and 18 media persons including Majid and Safina were awarded the jury citations for their work that looked at the happenings around them through a gender lens.

Majid got this award for his feature story Kashmir through the female gaze, which was published in 2018 in The Hindu Magazine.

“I tried to highlight the work of some of our talented female photojournalists and photographers whose work is as important, and sometimes more challenging than their male colleagues working in the field” said Majid.

He also said that he is sure they will produce some excellent work and tell some untold stories, also from a gender perspective, in the years ahead.

Interestingly, this is the second time that Majid has received the same award. He was previously awarded the Laadli Media Award in 2014 in a ceremony held in Delhi for his feature story The Widows of Dardpora. The story revolved around the plight of women in Dardpora region of Jammu and Kashmir.

Safina Nabi, a freelance journalist and Pulitzer award grantee has worked for many national and international media organization. She got this award for her story Kashmir Transgender: Trapped in Women body, which was published in Tehelka Magazine in 2018. The story is about the transgender men of Kashmir trapped in a woman’s body.

From the beginning, Safina was interested in knowing about trans genders because very less attention is given to them and their hardships are hardly shown.

Safina said that she has done various online courses and others on gender, one of them by Kamla Bhasin. “The idea of doing this story struck to my mind when I was exploring different angles on gender and I came across a story done by a Bangladeshi journalist

Majid Maqbool Staff Writer The Globe Post
Majid Maqbool

Regarding the same theme,” she said. “In this story, I tried to highlight the issues that transgender suffers due to lack of facilities and acceptance from society in Kashmir”.

Safina has completed her masters from Media Education Research Center at the University of Kashmir.

Currently, she is working on a project on Reproductive health of tribal women- supported by Pulitzer center.


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