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After the infamous spurious drug scam was revealed the government is busy claiming that it was very serious about the health care sector of the state so that the best health services are provided to the people. But the experts allegation, that they are wandering from one minister to another so that they can provide the latest concepts to deal with emergency and life support from last two years has put a question mark on the government claims . The experts further alleged that the absence of such modern equipment is resulting in failure to save lives and preventing disabilities.

“I along with my other colleagues am trying to motivate the government to adopt a modern policy to save lives of the people for which we are ready to provide with German based technology equipments but unfortunately nobody in the government is ready to pay heed, ”Nigam Gupta, representative of the Jammu Kashmir Health services Group (JKHSG) and coordinator of the program told Kashmir Life on the side lines of a function to display the functioning of the said equipments.

Nigam added that there were more cases of emergencies in Kashmir than anywhere else in India ‘as the state is facing law and order and accident related incidents’ and a large number of injured were brought dead to hospitals.

According to medicos and Emergency Medical Service providers including PK Zalpuri of MGM Associates,” The unwillingness of government to upgrade life support in hospitals takes a heavy toll on patients.”

“They put critical cases with inexperienced doctors to deal in complicated clinical and ill equipped situations,” they said.

“J&K Healthcare Services (group),is one of the top emerging services and solutions providers in the field of Medical Healthcare technologies,” claimed the experts adding that they work in association with their countryside company partners MGM-Associates (India).

 Emergency Medical Equipments manufactured by a German based Company Weinmaan are distributed in Jammu and Kashmir through JK Healthcare Services Group and MGM Associates.

 Stressing upon the importance of advanced accident and emergency equipments in the State, a team of Bio-medical engineers and EMS equipment manufacturers laid much emphasis for establishing round-the-clock Emergency helpline in flood and earthquake prone Jammu and Kashmir.

The emergency specialists said the emergency services elsewhere are advanced. “But in Jammu and Kashmir, it is very disappointing.”

“Everyone needs to be trained in basic life support besides medical staff,” said Robin Schwiderski, Chief Representative Asia Pacific Business Emergency. Robin, enlightened that WEINMANN headquarters at Hamburg (Germany) with its branches at France, St. Peyters-burge,Shanghai, Singhapore and Venezuela etc.


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