‘Kashmir Marathon’: Mehbooba says, ‘Objective of Event was to Aware People about Social Issues’



mehboola-muftiExpressing dismay over the “highhandedness by some youth with the female participants” at the international half-marathon at Kashmir University Sunday morning, PDP president and MP Mehbooba Mufti this evening said, “such a rowdy behaviour is unacceptable in a civilized society.”

She said, “the State’s civil society should rise against such unruly behaviour where our daughters are being dishonoured by misguided disruptive elements.”

“The objective of the marathon was to create awareness about various social issues including importance of following road traffic regulations, conservation of water bodies, keeping environment clean, and respecting elders,” she said while addressing a PDP convention in Bandipora. “I don’t know what was wrong with this marathon and why the youth tried not only disrupt it, but also humiliate the female participants both from within and outside the state,” she said and added that such chagrining acts only bring bad name to the society and the institutions.


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