‘Kashmir Not an Internal Matter of India,’ Pak Delegate tells UN



“Kashmir is neither an internal matter nor an integral part of India but an internationally recognised dispute by the UN Security Council,” Pakistan’s Deputy Permanent Representative to United Nations Aamar Aftab Qureshi said on Saturday.

Aftab made the statement while responding to comments made by an Indian delegate during the on-going 31st Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Pakistan Tribune reported.

The Pakistani delegate went on to say that history, legal and political realities “could not be changed by fabrication, lies and false claims over occupied territories”.

Furthermore, Permanent Representative at International Muslim Women Union Shamim Shawl also raised concern over “abuse of women in Kashmir”. “All women ageing between 10 and 65 years have been affected by execution and custodial disappearance of male members of their families,” she said addressing the UN session.


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