Kashmir Print Media Advertising Association elects new body



The election of the Print Media Advertising Association (PMAA) Kashmir was held on Wednesday and a number of office bearers were elected for the different positions. The election was held at Hotel Aqsa in Srinagar and the meeting was attended by all twenty members of the association.

The following members were elected as the office bearers’ of the association.

Majid Makdoomi, of Getaway Communication, was elected as the President,  Sarfaraz Rashid of Spectrum Advt Services as Vice President, Mohammad Shafi of Tracer Advt Agency as Organizer, Tariq Ahmed of Worldwide Network, as Treasurer Public Secretary, Tajamul of Sahara Media Public Secretary and Feroz Ahmed of Proline Advt as General Secretary.

PMAA represents advertisers based in Kashmir. The association has members from 20 local ad agencies. The association came into being in 2016.


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