Congratulatory messages have been pouring in for three photojournalists from Jammu and Kashmir who have won the most coveted prize in journalism, the Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of Kashmir post-August 5.

The two Associated Press photographers joined Channi Anand, also from AP in getting the joint award. Anand works for the global news gatherer from Jammu. The award was given to the trio from Jammu and Kashmir under ‘feature photography’ category.

Congress leader and parliament member Rahul Gandhi while congratulating the photojournalists, tweeted “Congratulations to Indian photojournalists Dar Yasin, Mukhtar Khan and Channi Anand for winning a Pulitzer Prize for their powerful images of life in Jammu & Kashmir. You make us all proud.”

“It’s been a difficult year for journalists in Kashmir & that’s saying something considering the last 30 years haven’t exactly been easy. Congratulations to @daryasin, @muukhtark_khan & @channiap on this prestigious award. More power to your cameras,” Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah tweeted.

“Congratulations @daryasin @muukhtark_khan for your exemplary photography capturing the humanitarian crisis in Kashmir post illegal abrogation of Article 370. Bizarre that our journalists win accolades abroad but are punished under draconian laws on home turf,” Iltija Mufti tweeted from her mother’s Twitter account.

In a statement, the Kashmir Press Club has also hailed the first Pulitzer winners from Jammu and Kashmir.

The Kashmir Press Club congratulates Dar Yasin, Mukhtar Khan, and Channi Anand for winning the award.  This is an incredible honour for not only for them but for Kashmir Press Club as well as Dar Yasin, Mukhtar Khan happen to be our members.

“This Pulitzer to the three photojournalists from J&K is an incredible honor and also a proud and big moment for all the media fraternity in J&K as the journalists in the region have always worked in toughest circumstances, risked their lives and always tried to deliver in a rationale and objective manner. This award is recognition of the hard work and professionalism of these photojournalists and the Kashmir Press Club wishes more power to their cameras,” said the KPC.

“The Pulitzer award to the two Kashmiri journalists is a reiteration that the independent journalism and free press are more important than ever in these times when journalists in Kashmir have been working under the toughest conditions,” KPC said.

The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry also congratulated the three photo-journalists.

Kashmir Got A Pulitzer

A spokesperson of the KCC&I stated that the award in recognition of the exceptional professionalism demonstrated by the journalists in adverse conditions and in the middle of a “communication blackout” was a matter of pride for not only the journalistic fraternity but the entire population. The media in Kashmir has been performing their duties under very difficult conditions but have not shirked from reporting the facts and voicing their opinions without fear.

“The award has been conferred when Kashmir completes nine months of disruptions which have inflicted colossal economic losses with business establishments at the verge of bankruptcy and insolvency,” said the spokesman.


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