Kashmir Ruled by Tyrants Where even Breathing Freely is Banned: Malik



Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Friday alleged that Kashmir was actually ruled by oppression and tyranny where even breathing freely is banned.

“The residence of Malik who as per previous schedule was to address a public gathering at Chrar-I-Shareef today in connection with Jumat-Ul-Vida was cordoned by a large contingent of police last night and he has been confined to his room. Thus Police also banned peaceful Chrar I Shareef public gathering,” a JKLF statement said.

While condemning banning Charar-I-Shareef rally, arrests, house arrests, restrictions and barriers, Malik said, “Kashmir has been turned into a dictatorial state where even talking, going for condolences and even free circulation of breathing has been banned. In this regard Mufti regime has surpassed all previous records of oppression and restrictions and an atmosphere of suffocation has been implemented that is unprecedented.”

“A party and regime that while in opposition was crying hard on youth being jailed and tortured. He said that people who used talk of pretty slogans like ‘Goli Nahin Boli’, battle of ideas and giving political space to opponents etc have lost every shame and have turned Jammu Kashmir into a police state. JKLF has been holding Chrar I Shareef program on Hijatul Vida from last one decade but this year it too has been banned which is highly condemnable,” he said.

While criticizing nocturnal raids, arresting innocent youth and prolonging the miseries of those languishing in jails from last many years, JKLF chairman said, “People languishing in jails and police stations needed to be released immediately.”

He stressed upon international human rights organizations like Amnesty international, ICRC to intervene and save prisoners from the oppressive behavior. While emphasizing on the need of celebrating Eid with austerity Malik said, “It is our duty to look after those who have lost everything during freedom struggle.”

While commenting upon the recent parleys between India and Pakistan in Russia and joint declaration that had no mention of Kashmir, he said, “Ignoring Jammu Kashmir in talks or joint declarations is highly regrettable. This actually can be termed as non seriousness and carelessness of these two countries regarding Kashmir. Dialogue institution has been turned as futile and non–serious in case of Jammu Kashmir issue which has created doubts in the minds of common people and people of Jammu Kashmir have actually lost faith in this institution now.”

“It is only dialogue institution that resolves conflicts and issues, but for the success of dialogue it is equally important to have seriousness and focus on conflict resolution. Dialogue should not be for fun, time pass and putting real issues to the back burner. Kashmiris are not against peace and progress between Indian and Pakistan. We want these two countries to get together and resolve their issues but at the same time Indian and Pakistani leadership will have to also demonstrate some magnanimity regarding Kashmiris,” he added.

The JKLF chief said that people of Jammu Kashmir have high hopes in Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif who himself is of Kashmiri origin and Kashmiris think that Shareef is in a much better situation to feel the pain and agony of Kashmiris.

“Though recent meeting between Indian prime minster and Pakistani premier and the joint declaration on the occasion has disappointed Kashmiris but still Kashmiris hope that Nawaz Sharif government will take corrective measures in this regard and Kashmir will not be put on a back burner,” he added.


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