‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’: Geelani Appeals Nawaz on Rehab of Kashmiri Migrants



Ailing Syed Ali Geelani
Ailing Syed Ali Geelani

As the government of Pakistan is observing “Kashmir Solidarity Day” on 5 February, Chairperson All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani Saturday appealed Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif to pay his kind attention towards the miseries and rehabilitation of those Kashmiri people who were “forced by the Indian oppression” to migrate towards the freed territory and whose ways of return to their native places have been blocked by India at present.

He said that the migrants of Kashmir and Palestine deserve the sympathy of the justice loving people of the world especially the Muslim counties and till the foreign occupation of these occupied territories does not end and the peace and stability does not return to these regions, the return of these migrants is impossible.

In a statement to KNS, Syed Ali Geelani said, “the lakhs of heavily armed militaries of India are at war with the entire population Kashmir and at the one hand, this army has killed thousands of innocent Kashmiris and has rendered thousands disabled for life by subjecting them to worst kind of physical torture and on the other hand, during last 25 years about 50 thousand people have been forced to migrate to the liberated side of Jammu & Kashmir.”

“There are about 15 lakh Kashmiri people who left their homes and moved to Pakistan and the Azad Kashmir and most of them are from the Jammu region. Their properties and their lands have been illegally occupied by the communal forces here and this sensitive issue is being ignored from the long time,” Geelani said in the statement.

The octogenarian Hurriyat chairperson said that the condition of the Kashmiri migrants of 47, 65 and 1971 is although stable and satisfactory now but the families who crossed over since last 25 years are in a very bad condition and they are living a miserable life there.

According to the reports, the number of these families is 7 thousand who have migrated from the border areas of the occupied Jammu and Kashmir to the Azad Kashmir due to the oppression and atrocities of the Indian army.

“Most of them are living in rented accommodations and their financial position is very weak,” he said.

While appealing the Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif to pay his special and kind attention towards the rehabilitation of the Kashmiri migrant families, Geelani said, “Kashmir is reckoned as the most sensitive conflict zone in the world and the people of this region who are left homeless due to the prevailing political uncertainty and the instability in the region deserve the special attention of the whole world particularly the Muslim countries.”

“Although Pakistan is an important party to this dispute so this country has prime responsibility to pay its special attention towards those displaced people and rehabilitate them on priority bases,” Geelani maintained.

Geelani said, “as the ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ is being celebrated in Pakistan, I humbly appeal to Pakistan Prime Minister, Pakistan President, Pakistan Army and the people of this country to take serious notice of the conditions of more than 40 thousand Kashmiri migrants and take actions in addressing their issues.” “Pakistan is not only the name of a geographical territory but the existence of this nation was on ideological bases.”

Geelani, who continues to remain under house detention, said that Islam is the religion of peace which teaches justice and equality among the people of the world. “In Islam, the protection of the minorities is first priority and they have been termed as a trust deposit with the majority population.”

“If Islam as a system of life would have been given a chance in Pakistan, this country would have been the model nation for the world and it would have shown the true image of Islam,” he added.


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