Kashmir turned into police state: JKDFP


Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) on Friday has strongly condemned the imposition of restrictions, beating and arresting of students and overall atrocities by the men in uniform on Kashmiri people.

“Indian atrocities in Kashmir can never suppress a just indigenous political struggle for self-determination,” the JKDFP spokesperson said in a statement.

“Brutalities of government forces and their collaborators against innocent civilians in Kashmir are highly condemnable,” the statement said and added that stopping Kashmiri people from performing their religious obligations and confine their movement has become the order of the day.

The people are not being allowed to raise their voice democratically and even students are not allowed to protest. The spokesperson condemned in strongest words.The men in uniform have also arrested many protesting students and other people showing that the disputed region has been turned into a police state in real terms.


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