Kashmir is ours and we will bring its permanent solution: Raj Nath Singh

Srinagar: Entire Kashmir, its people and culture belong to India, this was stated by Home Minister Raj Nath Singh while addressing a gathering in Sikkim. He further stated that BJP government will come up with a permanent solution to the issue.

“We understand that Kashmir, Kashmiris and Kashmiriyat are ours. I assure you that we will come up with a permanent solution to end the issue,” he is quoted to have said while addressing a gathering Sikkim.

In a ‘mild’ tone, Singh while referring to Pakistan said, “Pakistan continues to carry out acts of violence in the name of Kashmir, just to destabilise us. It is time for Pakistan to end this and look into resolving the matter and extending cooperation.”

“There might be perceptional differences, but the border friction with China has declined now. Pakistan Prime Minister was invited to the oath-taking ceremony not just to join hands, but to be cordial hereafter,” he said.


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