Kashmiri director’s Bollywood movie attracts audience in Srinagar


The screening of Bollywood movie attracted cinema lovers at Srinagar’s Tagore hall. The movie titled ‘Zindagi Tumse’ was directed by Kashmiri filmmaker Tariq Bhat, news agency ANI reported.

Kashmiri director’s Bollywood movie attracts an audience in Srinagar

The purpose of the screening was to promote the film culture as well as reviving cinema in the valley. Tariq Bhat belongs to Sopore town and his intention is to prepare a specific platform for the youth of valley, the report added.

The youth of the valley are talented in every field including-art, acting and film making and despite all odds, Bhat came forward and directed the Bollywood movie. The film ‘Zindagi Tumse’ is based on social and family issues, ANI reported.


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