Kashmiri Drivers Seek Justice: ‘Will Retaliate If Justice Not Delivered’

KL Report


Kashmir drivers thrashed in Ladakh at the hands of Ladakh Taxi Operators Cooperative Limited (LTOCL) members Thursday threatened that they would retaliate and would not allow any Ladakhi driver to ply in Kashmir if government fails to take stern action against the Buddhist attackers.

“Kashmiri’s are being discriminated everywhere and their rights and voice is muzzled through the barrel of gun and lathi. We fail to understand why Ladakh police did not take action against those goons who attacked and thrashed us in Ladakh,” one of drivers told CNS.

The Kashmiri drivers said if the government will not arrest the goons and compensate them then they would teach every Ladakhi a lesson in Kashmir.

“We are being forced to resort to violence though we want to earn our living by peaceful means. Government always talks high of equitable development but when it comes to equality in real terms, same government discriminate people of Kashmir on all fronts,” the drivers said.

They warned that in near future they would not allow any Ladakhi driver to ply in Kashmir.

Pertinently, Kashmiri drivers Wednesday alleged that their vehicles were damaged while they also received injuries in an attack upon them by members of Ladakh Taxi Operators Cooperative Limited (LTOCL) in Leh market.


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