Kashmiri Leaders Always Try To Copy Others: Er Rashid

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Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) has termed drawing parallels between Aam Aadmi Party and PDP by Mufti Muhammad Sayed as a mere joke and something far away from the reality.

Addressing his party workers in Batamaloo Srinagar, Er Rashid Monday said that the attempt to draw parallels between AAP and PDP is simply because Kashmir based main parties including PDP and National Conference who had been treating Kashmir as their enterprise, have begun feeling the heat of out come of Delhi elections in the streets of Kashmir. He said. “Though Kashmiris need not to copy anyone including Kejriwal but need definitely a change that will not only get them out of worst era of miss governance but will dare to challenge New Delhi for its unrealistic and biased attitude towards Kashmir,” he said.

“Let Mufti Sahib not forget that while Congress and BJP are begging before Kajriwal to accept their unconditional support, NC and PDP have been shamefully doing everything to seek blessings of Congress and have worked like a ‘B’ team of Congress since long. Had Mufti or Omar been like Arvind Kajriwal the least what they could have done would have been that they would have saved Afzal Guru,” he further added.

While talking about the support of NC and PDP top Pranab Mukherjee, Rashid said, “both these parties shamefully offered unconditional support to Mr. Pranab Mukherji as a presidential candidate. Had they voted Mr. Mukherji on the condition, not to hang Afzal Guru, India would never have dared to hang him. It is unfortunate that Kashmiri leaders are always trying to copy others for their own interests rather than trying to lead from the front and become role models for others.”

He further added that, “how can Mufti Sahib justify when he had kept a ‘Moon Brath’ during last five years in the assembly and never ever talked a single word pertaining to any issue. Does Mufti Sahib mean that he will talk in the state assembly only when he is a Chief Minister or does he treat his own stature above the stature of the house? He said.

“If Mufti Sahib feels that there is a resemblance between AAP and PDP he must ask his colleagues to shun VIP culture. How can PDP claim to be like Aam Aadmi Party if it has given place in its party, to corrupt people including ex bureaucrats and trade union leaders involved in scams, and its ex ministers are occupying illegal accommodations and enjoying undue privileges with out caring for the law and the morality.”

He further said that, “If PDP would have done really something exceptional people would have given the party over whelming mandate in 2008 assembly elections and party should also have got victory in 2009 parliamentary elections.”

“The best way for the PDP and NC leadership is to introspect themselves and stop playing in the hands of Congress and make drastic changes in their agenda so that people can really feel something that these parties have got a lesson from Delhi elections,” he said.

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