Kashmiri prisoner’s unable to tolerate burning heat: Khan

KL Report


Revealing that dozens of Kashmiri prisoner’s health has deteriorated badly due to burning heat in different jails of India, senior separatist leader Nayeem Ahmad Khan has demanded the immediate shifting of all Kashmiri prisoners to the valley.

“The Kashmiri prisoners languishing in jails like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jodhpur, Madras, Delhi, Kuthua, Jammu, Hiranagar etc, are not familiar with the scorching heat there, I have information that many Kashmiri prisoners have gone seriously ill and went unconscious many times a day, so all these prisoners should be shifted to the valley as soon as possible,” Khan said in a statement.

Pertinently, there are a number of people languishing in different jails outside the state. Many among them have been convicted in different cases.

“All Kashmiri convicts who are languishing in different jails were not provided ample opportunity to defend themselves so their conviction is not based on justice,” Khan said adding “We demand their immediate shifting to the valley.”

Khan also demanded the release of prisoners languishing in Srinagar and other jails of the valley.


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