Kashmiri Scholar ‘harassed’ in Pakistan


KL Report


A Kashmiri family Wednesday alleged that their scholar son who had gone to pursue higher education to Pakistan under SAARC exchange program has faced humiliation’ at the hands of his guide there.

Muhammad Yousuf Khan from Soibugh area of Central Kashmir’s Budgam district told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS that at a time when a female Pakistani student got laurels from Kashmiri people for her successful completion of her degree, his son Ishrat Naveed faced humiliation at the hands of his supervisor Dr Tariq Mehmood, Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, Qaud-i-Azam University of Pakistan.

“My son had left the Valley a few years back to pursue his cherished dream of completing Ph D in Bio-Technology. He chose prestigious Qaud-i-Azam University in Islamabad and managed to get admission under the SAARC exchange agreement,” Khan said adding that his son was tortured and harassed there.

The brother of the scholar Nazir Ahmed Khan told CNS that Ishrat informed the family that his guide and supervisor accused him of being Indian spy with espionage mission to Pakistan. He said that Ishrat informed the family that that his guide and supervisor took all the research samples in his custody in his absence.

“How can my brother be an Indian spy. He had gone their to complete his degree. This is ridiculous and the moment we came to know about facts, all of us feel dejected and troubled,” Khan told CNS.

His brother said that according to Ishrat,the reason behind worst humiliation is to grab money (9.5 million) and research articles.

“He has lodged a complaint against his supervisor with the University authorities and Higher Education Commission for justice.However, they have not taken any action till date,” Nazir Ahmed said.


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