Kashmiri Students Attacked In Punjab After India-Pakistan T20 Match

SRINAGAR: Several Kashmiri students at an engineering college in Punjab’s Sangrur alleged that they were assaulted late last night moments after India lost its opening T20 World Cup match against Pakistan.

According to a report by NDTV, Punjab police officials arrived at the college campus soon after and said that situation at Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engineering and Technology was brought under control.

“We were watching the match here. UP waale barged in. We came here to study. We are also Indian. You can see what was done to us. Are we not Indians? So what does Modi say?” one of the Kashmiri students said, while showing around the damage done to a room.

No police case has been filed as yet.

Taking to social networking site Twitter, Nasir Khuehami, the national spokesperson J&K Students Association wrote: “Kashmiri students who were assaulted in Sangrur and Kharar Mohali told me that they were rescued by the locals and other Panjabi students. Students from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana had barged into their rooms, thrashed them and went on a rampage.”

According to reports, at least 4 students were also assaulted and beaten in Kharar Mohali after the India-Pakistan Match.

“All the students are from Rayat Bahrat University. They said that they were hit by several goons from Haryana,” Khuehami said.

“Punjab Police must ensure the protection of Kashmiri students studying in Punjab. I have spoken to several in Bhai Gurdass Engineering and Technology College. They told me that students from Bihar had hit them, vandalised the rooms, damaged the hall, and even abused and beat up a few others,” said Nasir.


In another series of tweets, he demanded the immediate arrest of all those involved in the attack and that adequate arrangements are made for Kashmiri students in the state.

“Such incidents have increased the sense of insecurity and anxiety among Kashmiri youth studying and working outside as well as among their parents and relatives in Kashmir,” he added.

“We demand immediate arrest of all those involved in the assault on Kashmiri students and ensure adequate arrangements for safety, security of our students. The attack on Kashmiri students by some goons is a worrying factor for the students,” Nasir Tweeted.



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