“Kashmiris are the Most Impatient Professionals in the World”

Tariq Rehmani, associate Vice President in JD Group, a New Delhi based real estate company, tells Saima Rashid that students in Kashmir have almost no exposure even after completing their degrees

Tariq Rehmani
Tariq Rehmani

Kashmir Life (KL): What is Marketing Management?

Tariq Rehmani (TR): Marketing Management is similar to MBA. It is an organizational discipline that focuses on the internal organization and on the management of a firm’s marketing resources and activities.

KL: How did you got into this field?

TR: Like every other Kashmiri student, my mind was also confined to the fields like Engineering and Medicine. Becoming a doctor was the only thing that occupied my mind. But when I failed to crack the exam, I joined Islamia College of Science and Commerce. After that, I went to Bangalore to purse MBA.

KL: What is the scope of Marketing Management in a place like Kashmir?

TR: Kashmiris are the most impatient professionals in the world. They expect high profile jobs soon after completing their masters. Moreover, we believe in rote learning. What we need is proper marketing education system in colleges. Presentation skills and personality development is given least preference here. Students in Kashmir have almost no exposure even after completing their degrees.

KL: What are the career opportunities in Marketing Management?

TR: Kashmir offers least career opportunities in this field, if compared with other cities. There are only few corporates who have branches set up in Kashmir. Companies fear to invest here, because of the unpredictable situation. Though there were still fair chances of its survival but our Government policies are least favourable to it.

KL: How far is EDI helpful?

TR: I thing EDI is the only place in Kashmir where youth are trained to be self reliant. EDI helps youngsters in setting up new businesses, which was not a norm earlier. We owe a lot to EDI for promoting small enterprises.

KL: Share your experience as Associate Vice President in JD Group?

TR: I started my career from a small scale jobs like Relationship Executives in banks. Then I was promoted to the position of branch head in Met Life. Profile improves step by step. One should be patient and dedicated towards his job, money will follows itself. The best thing about working outside Kashmir is that you get to rub your shoulders with professionals.


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