What Are The Popular Courses In 2023?


by Vijay Garg

Automation, coupled with the pandemic, led to “double disruption” that required a significant reimagining of both the world of work and the educational landscape. The focus has shifted from finding jobs to building sustainable careers by acquiring skills and education that will thrive in the new world order.

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Robotics

Extensive and fast-paced changes, especially over the next five years, will test an individual’s ability to remain agile, resilient, creative, and adaptive. This includes embracing technology, improving how one balances work and life, and becoming accustomed to the alterations in routine chores.

New-age career-oriented courses can help learners gain the latest technical skills and industry know-how essential to landing the job of one’s dreams. However, given the plethora of career options available today, students often need help identifying the best fit for themselves.

To help students make informed decisions, here are the top-rated courses of 2022 which are likely to remain popular in 2023 as well:

Data Analyst: Nowadays, start-ups, as well as industry giants, rely heavily on data for formulating data-driven business strategies. Therefore, the demand for data scientists or data analytics professionals is on the rise. A data analytics course can help students secure jobs in various industries, such as finance, business intelligence, education, data assurance, data quality, sales, and more.

Healthcare Management: Individuals with an extensive understanding of the medical field and strong communication skills may find healthcare management to be an ideal career choice. This field has garnered attention both domestically and globally this year. A Healthcare Management course offers a variety of career opportunities beyond the fields of medicine, nursing, and therapy. An MBA or a certified degree or diploma in this field can open a world of opportunities for students.

Product Design and Development: This is another rewarding career option that provides learners with the practical knowledge they need to conceptualize, design, and develop a new product. It aims to provide learners with a basic understanding of industrial design and engineering ethics. The course is suitable for anyone interested in designing new products or learning about the process of product design and development. A certified course in Product Design opens doors to positions in art direction, design research, and desktop publishing.

Artificial Intelligence: A certified course in Artificial Intelligence (AI) can give your career the right impetus. AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in every industry, from fashion to education. The Artificial Intelligence Index Report 2021 shows that India was the world’s second-highest AI hiring growth from 2016 to 2020, behind Brazil. Thus, AI is the right option if you are looking for an in-demand course with lucrative prospects.

Economics: A degree in economics and finance equips students with a comprehensive understanding of financial and economic theories and a solid understanding of global financial markets. Students who pursue degrees in economics and finance are likely to find employment in banks, non-bank financial companies, regulators, and central banks.

Mass Media: The media and mass communication industry have seen phenomenal growth over the past few decades. It consists of diverse segments such as TV, film, print media, advertising, and digital. As a result, this field has emerged as one of the most popular degree programs in recent years. Mass communication careers are high paying and offer a high level of job satisfaction and creativity.

Vijay Garg

International Relations: A degree in international relations enables learners to examine and research relations between countries and governments. This fascinating subject examines the impact of economics, education, culture, and political science on society. Students can pursue careers related to international relations in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, depending on their interests, experiences, and aspirations.

Behaviour Sciences: Behavioural science involves systematically evaluating how people interact with their environment to predict, comprehend, and change behaviour to improve social well-being and organizational effectiveness. Behavioural scientists can choose from a variety of fulfilling careers, such as mental health counsellors, anthropologists, occupational therapists, sociologists, ethnologists, criminal profilers, economic analysts, psychologists, and Economic Analysts.

The courses listed above have witnessed high and rising demand in 2022 and are likely to remain popular choices in 2023 as well.

(Vijay Garg, MSc, Bed has been a Punjab Education Service (PES) officer who retired as a Principal. He has authored a number of textbooks. He lives in Malout Punjab.)


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