by Vijay Garg

Students aiming for admission to IITs in 2023 have to appear for JEE Main 2023 which is the most competitive engineering entrance examination. It will be conducted in January.

MBBS students writting their examinations

Here are the tips to crack the JEE Main 2023 in the very first attempt:

Syllabus: The students must be aware of the syllabus for the engineering entrance examination as the question paper is based completely on the syllabus only, so students must check the latest and updated syllabus.

Paper Pattern: The aspirants must know about the paper pattern of IIT JEE which mentions the type of questions, marking scheme, questions’ weightage as well as other important details of the IIT JEE question paper.

Study Material: Suitable study material for the preparation of the examination is really important because of the right study material for JEE preparation. The JEE preparation study material should include past year question papers, mock tests, and NCERT books so that the students can only prepare the questions based on the syllabus and pattern of JEE main 2023

Emphasis on Theory: JEE paper is based on numerical as well as theory questions. However, students should focus more on the theory part because most questions are formed and asked from the theoretical part of the chapters. Moreover, understanding theory helps in solving numerical questions easily.

Basic Concepts: Before, starting to solve the questions for JEE preparation, make sure you know all the relevant basic concepts. If your basic concepts are not clear then you will be stuck in questions for a long time and it will waste your time. As JEE paper has a limited time duration, students need to work on time management and clearing basic concepts will help on improving on this part.

Make Notes for Each Chapter: For every chapter of JEE syllabus, you can make handy notes during preparation so that it is easier to revise in the last few days remaining for the exam.

Quality versus Quantity: Instead of taking all topics at a time, you need to take concepts from each chapter one by one. This will make your understanding better as you won’t be confused and will take less time with an organised learning approach.

Previous Question Papers: Students should practice JEE Main question papers for at least the past five years because it will help them estimate the type of question and weightage as well for each section of the test paper.

Class 11, 12 Syllabus: This is no hidden fact that JEE Main question paper is based on the syllabus of class 11 as well as class 12. The weightage ratio of JEE Main question paper is either 40:60 or 60:40 for class 11 and class 12 but the ratio can be 50:50 as well. So, students need to study from the syllabus of both classes with equal importance.

Rejoice Studies: Do not take stress while preparing for JEE Main rather you should enjoy and approach the examination positively. If you take the examination as a burden or obligation then you won’t be able to put in your best efforts and will be stressed about it. Stress will have a negative impact and you will be prone to anxiety attacks about JEE Main results and won’t be able to perform better.

Analyse Your Preparation Level: You must regularly do self-analysis, which will help you know your strengths and weaknesses. Try to cross-check your preparation level by taking mock tests from chapters you have studied long ago; this way you’ll be able to judge if you understood the concept and whether you will be able to perform in the upcoming exam with accuracy.

Vijay Garg

Actual Preparation: To improve your speed and accuracy for the upcoming JEE Main examination, you should take the mock test from chapters you have studied a month ago or so for example you studied Coordination compound 1 from chemistry 2 months ago and currently you are preparing Optics from JEE Main physics syllabus, then you can take a test for chemistry Coordination compound 1. This will help you analyse, your preparation for this topic. This is an unplanned manner of preparation to cross-check your preparation.

Solve Indefinite Practice Papers: Last formula for success in JEE Main examination in the first attempt is by taking/solving as many practice papers as possible. The more you practice, the more your speed and accuracy in solving the questions improve. Also, if you are taking a computer-based test of JEE Main then you must take the online mock test as many as possible, this way you will gain experience in attempting online papers on a real-time basis.

 (Vijay Garg, MSc, Bed has been a Punjab Education Service (PES) officer who retired as a Principal. He has authored a number of textbooks. He lives in Malout Punjab.)


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