Kashmiris being persecuted legally, politically: Sajad Lone

KL Report


Peoples’ Conference Chairman Sajad Lone has expressed, dissatisfaction, pain and dismay on the development in Kolkata where a Sessions Court sentenced two youth from Srinagar, Sheikh Imran and Sheikh Farhad to life in prison.

“While the anguish felt by every Kashmiri is obvious and palpable, the pain inflicted on the families of these young men who have already spent 10 long years in prison without being sentenced cannot be imagined,” Lone said in a statement.

Lone said, “because of such precise attitude towards Kashmiris, there is a well-founded perception in Kashmir that Kashmiris have become legal and cannon fodder and that the only sin that Kashmiris need to commit to languish in jails is to be Kashmiris. It seems like Kashmiris are being progressively seen as opportunities to demonstrate the politically saleable aspects of ruthlessness and iron-handedness at the national center-stage.”

Stating that the most tragic reality is that successive governments in J&K have allowed the unabated persecution of Kashmiris, Sajad Lone said that PDP rather than taking out protest demonstrations should introspect and answer how it extended legal help and sought justice from the West Bengal government for these two youth when they were in power.

“NC is sticking true to its role of culling and oppressing Kashmiris, a trait that has been the hallmark of NC’s politics since so many decades,” Lone said.


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