Kashmiris have no reason to celebrate Republic Day: Rashid

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Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) has said that Kashmiris have no reason to celebrate republic day of India as not only the real democracy in J and K is yet a distinct dream but GoI has very often disgraced and insulted the democratic institutions in the state.

Addressing various public meetings in Kupwara District AIP President Er Rashid said, “Be it hanging of Afzal Guru, summoning of VK Singh before assembly, abolishing of draconian laws, Indira Abdullah accord and taking oath of Shiekh Sahab as Chief Minister in 1975, dismissal of Dr Farooq’s governement in 1983, mass rigging of 1987 assembly elections, arrest of Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah in 1953, eroding of special status including abolishing of posts of Prime Minister and President and denying Kashmiris their fundamental rights are ample proof to claim that gap between New Delhi and Kashmir has widened.”

Rashid said. “Isn’t it strange enough that when all over India people are showing enthusiasm to participate in republic day celebrations, life of Kashmiris has become a hell as they are facing worst frisking in every street and whole state seems to be under siege of forces.”

Rashid further said that it seems as if on 26th Jan. Kashmiris and Indians are at war with each other in Srinagar and at every such place where flag hoisting ceremony has to take place.

He further said, “It is high time for the policy makers in New Delhi to introspect and find out that why New Delhi has not been able to win hearts and minds of Kashmiri people despite claiming that it has left no stone unturned to own Kashmiris. Unless the mindset in New Delhi does not change and GoI does not take bold initiatives to resolve Kashmir issue nothing is going to change on ground in Kashmir.”

Rashid termed the talk of zero tolerance by army and political leaders a mere cruel joke. He said, “Army must explain why it closed Pathribal case after the premier investigating agency CBI charge sheeted its five soldiers.”

“We had noted that from Prime Minister to Army Chief of India bragging Zero tolerance when it comes to violations in Kashmir but on the contrary it has meant hundred percent tolerances to gross human rights abuses and violations against browbeaten Kashmiris by men in uniform,” Rashid said.

He added “Closing down Pathribal fake encounter case is another day of shame in Indian democracy. Men in uniform can get away with any crime.”


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