Kashmiris Have Witnessed Many Theatres Like Today’s Modi Rally, Says Yasin Malik



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Yasin Malik.
Yasin Malik.

The incarcerated JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Saturday said Kashmiris have witnessed many theatres from Jashn-i-Kashmir till today’s Modi rally, but these “dramas have and will never succeed in weakening our desire and resolve for freedom”.

“Our reply to Modi is same as of Ghandi Ji who once told a British leader that self respect and freedom of his nation is dearer to him than the progress and prosperity under occupation,” Malik said. “Kashmiris through their historical shutdown and civil curfew have given a befitting reply to Modiji and his Kashmiri stooges for which Kashmiris deserve our heartiest congratulations.”

He said that Kashmiris had asked people to observe strike in case “occupational” authorities chose to ban ‘Million March’.

“And today after ‘Million March’ was stopped by military might, people of Kashmir gave befitting reply to India and its Kashmiri stooges by observing a historical civil curfew,” he said.

Malik said that Kashmiris have witnessed many theatres “like today’s Modi rally”.

“From Jashn-i-Kashmir till today,” he said, “these dramas have been played but neither in past and nor in future will these succeed in weakening our resolve for freedom.” Instead these kinds of gimmicks provide us new strength to keep on resisting the powers of oppression and tyranny, he said.

Malik said that from October 31 2015, authorities chose to crackdown on separatist camp and started arresting leaders and activists. “And according to some reports during last 8 days more than 5000 people were either arrested or raided by police and forces thus choking every little chance and space for the million march and hence people of Kashmir had left with no other option but to show their resilience and protest through total shutdown and civil curfew,” he said.

He said that the way people of Kashmir despite “intimidations, bribe, oppressive measures, arrests, restrictions and barricades” observed a total strike and civil curfew against “Modi show” have replied PDP-led “oppressive regime” with their resilience and a show of solidarity with the freedom movement.

“Shamelessly PDP and other stooges of RSS today tried to fill the venue by police personal in plain clothes, daily wagers, Aanganwadi workers, non-permanent employees and even Biharees, but exemplary strike and civil curfew has defeated all these shameless acts of PDP led government for which people of Kashmir deserve our heartiest congratulations and applauds,” he said.

He said that the “oppression and reign of terror” unleashed by PDP government, their police and “occupational authorities” to make their master’s show successful have exposed all their hollow slogans like battle of ideas. “And today these hypocrites should know that by unleashing terror they and their politics stand fully exposed now,” he said.


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