Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) president and MLA Khansahib Hakim Mohammad Yasin Saturday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has let down Kashmiris by his hollow promises.

“PDP had made a lot of hue and cry that Prime Minister will speak about unemployment issue, return of power projects, package for flood victims and a political package for the state. However, all this has proven to be a hoax as Modiji didn’t announce anything concrete,” Hakim Yasin said in a statement.

“Though Modiji said unemployment was an issue in the state, he didn’t speak anything specific how to tackle that. PM should have announced some concrete steps to address unemployment issue in the state.”

Stating that the expectations of people of Kashmir and the propaganda of PDP related to Modi’s visit has been raised to ground, the PDF chief said, “The PM’s announcement has let down people of the state. The way PDP had given hype to PM’s visit, has turned out to be a hoax. He didn’t speak about political process. He didn’t speak about release of political prisoners. There is a political uncertainty in Kashmir. Former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee had offered hand of friendship to Pakistan from Kashmir in 2003 due to which there was a visible change. But he (Modi) skipped all this.”

On the economic package of Rs 80,000 crore announced by the Prime Minister, he said, “If Rs 36000 crore is for national highway what is left from Rs 80,000 crore? UPA government announced better package for J&K during its tenure. The national highway project was started in Dr Manmohan Singh’s tenure as Prime Minister and present government shouldn’t take credit for it,” he said.

“The package of Manmohan Singh was better as there was no flood devastation at that time and if we see the cost escalation, then there is no doubt that Congress’s package was better. National highway project is an ongoing scheme and NDA shouldn’t take credit for it.”


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