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Omar Abdullah addressing a press conference on Saturday.
Omar Abdullah addressing a press conference on Saturday.

JK’s ex-chief minister, Omar Abdullah, Saturday termed the PM Narendra Modi’s visit a “political failure”.

Omar addressed a press conference after PM Modi announced an economic package of Rs 80,000 Crore and flew to Chanderkote where he inaugurated Baglihar-II.

“An environment was created by CM Mufti Sayeed that the visit of PM will be a historic; his successive speeches raised our expectations and we were waiting for PM Modi’s speech,” Omar told the hurriedly-conveyed press conference at a local hotel here.

“Economic packages won’t solve Kashmir and PM Modi has failed on political front. He did not talk about basic issue. Packages could have been announced from New Delhi.”

He said that PDP was high on pitch when they said “the visit of PM would be crucial for forthcoming generation and will have long lasting effect”.

Summing up PM’s visit, Omar said, “it was like Khoda Pahad, Nikla Chooha.”

Omar said that it was an opportunity which PDP lost. “A new beginning could have been made but it wasn’t so,” Omar said, “Historic is when one leaves the beaten track.”

While commenting on the three words of PM Modi in which he invoked the then PM and BJP veteran, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Omar said, “what we wanted to listen was not said.”

PM Modi in his speech said, “Atal Bihari set the trend of Jamhooriyat, Insaaniyat and Kashmiriyat and we have to follow that.”

“Where had Insaaniyat gone when Zahid was killed in Udhampur? What about Dadri, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana incidents? We wanted to listen on that when PM talked about Insaaniyat,” Omar said. “Insaaniyat word has huge impact but when not implemented it is meaningless.”

“The then PM understood the need of these three words in Kashmir context. He realized the need to talk to Pakistan and engage Hurriyat leadership. Relating Jamhooriyat with holding Panchayat elections is no justification. We also held such elections but basic issue was not addressed.”

Omar took a dig PDP-BJP government saying, “what is there in Jamhooriyat when thousands are detained on PM’s visit? You allowed right wing RSS march, brandishing guns, in Jammu and valleyites are stopped from taking out a rally.”

While rebuking PM Modi’s statement that in the land of cricketers, international matches should be played, Omar said, “when thousand are arrested on PM visit, what will be situation when an International Match is played here?”

On Kashmiriyat, Omar said, “the word speaks of tolerance and unity in diversity. There is certainly something fundamentally wrong in India this time and PM could have addressed that thing.” However, he added, “they have already shown us Insaaniyat inside state legislature (murderous attack on lawmaker Er Rashid by right wing BJP legislators).”

Omar while lashing at PDP said, “CM Mufti’s speech had not more than five minutes life when PM Modi said that he doesn’t need any lessons on Kashmir. What are you doing Mufti Sahab?” Omar asked CM Mufti. “PM declined Mufti’s suggestion which he made in his speech. Where is Agenda of Alliance you have been talking of and about?”

On Economic Package

Omar welcomed the economic package but said he will wait for the breakup of the Rs 80,000 Crore announcement which was made by PM Modi in the rally.

“It is good,” Omar replied to a question when asked about the announcement of package, however, he quickly added, “I had told it to then PM Dr Manmohan Singh and Sonia Ghandhi that money can’t solve Kashmir issue and that is what I am repeating this time.”

“Packages have been coming since PM Gh Mohammad Bakhshi’s time and I don’t think any CM might not have got the same but economics can’t be the solution. We stand for the political settlement,” he said. “We waited for statements on dialogue with Pakistan, Hurriyat and removal of AFSPA.”

Omar further said, “we will wait for the breakup of the package and we will see whether Finance Minister will have the freedom to spent the money himself or not.”

When asked about the same tactics on clamping down on separatist leadership during his government, Omar said, “I am not here to score any political brownie points, but to question the PDP’s poll pranks, like battle of ideas.”


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