Kashmiris killed, branded as Pakistanis and traitors: Farooq Abdullah


Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference (NC) President Dr Farooq Abdullah said Kashmiris were being killed and branded as Pakistanis and traitors, ANI reported.

Dr Farooq addressing the TMC-led opposition rally

The report quoted Abdullah while addressing the TMC-led opposition rally as having said that people are being killed everywhere in Kashmir and are being dubbed as “Pakistani” and “anti-nationalist”.

Accusing the BJP of playing communal politics, Abdullah stated that although he is a Muslim, he identifies himself as an Indian first.

He said opposition leaders must not give thought to their individual prospects of becoming the next Prime Minister, rather fight collectively against the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Abdullah said: “The leaders must not think about their chances of becoming the prime Minister, which will be decided afterwards. As of now we all should collectively concentrate on fighting the elections together so as to defeat the BJP and save democracy and the nation.”

“Though I am a Muslim but part of Bharat and Hindustan. Every Kashmiri wants to live with this country,” ANI quoted Abdullah as having said.


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