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Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Wednesday said that people who were martyred on July 13, 1931 and Burhan Wani and other Kashmiri “martyrs” believed in and died for a common cause.

In a statement, DeM general secretary, Nahida Nasreen, said that it was mandatory for the people of Kashmir to be firm on that stand and fight against the “occupation”.  

Slain Burhan Muzaffar Wani

She said that the martyrs of July 13, 1931 and Burhan Wani had a common cause.  “1931 martyrs laid their lives while reciting the Azaan. The main aim of their struggle and sacrifices was that Kashmiri Muslim’s won’t accept slavery of anyone other than Allah SWT. It is for the very same mission that Burhan and his companions  sacrificed their lives,” she added

“Alhamdulilah, Burhan lived and died for Islam’s rise. He united people of Kashmir when he was alive and by the grace of Almighty Allah SWT, the whole nation remains united even a year after his martyrdom. The armed and the political leadership are united and the people too stand united. Joint resistance programmes have been issued since Burhan’s martyrdom last year and people follow them in letter and spirit even now and continue to give sacrifices so that mission of Shahid Burhan is fulfilled,” she added.

She said that it is important to know Burhan was a strong proponent of idea of “completion of Pakistan”.

She said that there can be confusions and difference of opinion among Kashmiris which can be resolved amicably. “But when it comes to the final and ultimate resolution of the Kashmir issue, the whole Kashmiri nation should stand for what Burhan stood for,” she added.

“The stand our martyrs’ stand was that they fought to establish the Supremacy of Allah SWT and to complete Pakistan and their only slogan was Kashmiri banega Pakistan (Kashmir will become part of Pakistan),” she added.



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