Kashmiris Will Never Surrender Unless Dispute Resolved: Rashid

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MLA Langate and president Awami Itihad Party (AIP) Er Rashid has termed the decision of GoI to call off foreign secretary level talks with Pakistan as an eye opener for those who were praising Modi when he assumed office and expecting him to travel an extra mile and show some sincerity in resolving Kashmir dispute, a party statement said on Tuesday.

While addressing his party workers at Rangpath Handwara, Er Rashid said that though Kashmiris were never ever hopeful of getting anything from Indo – Pak talks held from time to time at different levels but India’s unilateral decision to call off the talks without a specific reason has exposed India’s sincerity and commitment.

“Whether Hurriyat or someone else gets anything from these talks or not but the basic reality will always remain unchanged that Kashmiris are basic party to the dispute. Let us remind India that it is Kashmiris who suffered most because of the conflict and how can Narendra Modi or someone else ask Pakistan not to talk with Kashmiri leaders,” he said adding, “though on 15th August Narendra Modi talked much about communal harmony but his real masters Mohan Baghwat and Parveen Togadiya unfolded the real communal agenda of Sangpariwar by claiming that India is a Hindu Nation and Hidutva is their ultimate goal. By saying so there should be no doubt that need of two nation theory was just a coincidence but was the need of the hour.”

“If Modi and his ideologues have such intentions, they don’t have any right to ask Kashmiris to remain with India, nor can they call Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir India’s integral part, even if there would have been no UN resolutions on Kashmir. Let PDP and other forces that were praising Modi till recent past and expecting him to deliver, tell Kashmiris why they were proving themselves more loyal than the king at the cost of Kashmiris.”

He said, “let us remind mighty arrogant Indians that Kashmiris will never ever surrender unless the dispute is not resolved as per their wishes. The series of events from 1947 till date do reveal that Indians come to talking terms only when Kashmiris offer a tough resistance one way or the other.”

Engineer turned politician further added that the real reason behind calling off the talks is that India has a very weak and illogical stand on Kashmir and as such cannot defend its utterances and failures always.

“However, Kashmiris need to draw a lesson from India’s decision to call off talks that united they stand and divided they fall. If India can try to mislead everybody one way or the other, Kashmiris need to introspect and realise that New Delhi does not care and seems to have decided to eat the cake and have it too. The irresponsible behaviour of New Delhi will definitely push all those forces to the wall who want a peaceful solution to Kashmir dispute, otherwise a day is sure to come when Delhi will beg before the real representatives of Kashmiri people including UJC leadership to have a meaningful dialogue.”


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