#KashmirNow: Amid Strict Curfew, Kashmiri Muslims Perform Last Rites of Hindu Lady





The family of Deepak Malhotra, a Kashmiri Hindu of Sheikh Mohalla, Maharaj Gung, Old City Srinagar, is one of the thousands of families of Kashmiri Hindus who did not flee Kashmir valley and bore the brunt of the situation that fellow Kashmiri Muslims have been bearing for the past three decades.

Today Deepak Malhotra’s aging mother passed away and despite curfew and repressive situation across Kashmir, Muslims of the entire locality in general and activists of Jammu Kashmir Awami Youth (JKAY), the youth wing of the Jammu Kashmir Action Committee (AAC) putting their lives in danger participated in her last rites, thus silencing communal forces who keep spreading the “poisonous propaganda” against Kashmir and Kashmiris.

Meanwhile, AAC President, and Huriyat Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who has been under house arrest for the past eight days, expressed sorrow over the death of Deepak Malhotra’s mother and expressed sympathy and solidarity with the Malhotra family.


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  1. Muhammad Khirad Alam on

    Pakistan is doing nothing wrong but supporting the indigineous struggle of Kashmiri brothers to get freedom from Bharati rule in the valley. Kashmir is not India, mind it carefully. Occupied Indian forces must leave the valley sooner or later, in sha Allah.
    कशमीर बनेगा पाकिसतान

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