#KashmirNow: GoI To Review Use of Pellet Guns


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This boy was hit in the face by a pellet gunshot.
This boy was hit in the face by a pellet gunshot.

Government of India will constitute an expert committee to review use of pellets in Kashmir.

“The Government has directed security forces to exercise maximum restrain while dealing with protesters in Kashmir. It was not the first time that pellet guns were used in Kashmir. The practice started in 2010. I am not accusing any government, but five Kashmiris lost their vision back then,” Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh told Lok Sabha on Thursday.

“We will constitute an expert committee to review the use of pellet guns for controlling crowds. They will submit a report within two months,” he said.

The use of “non-lethal” pellet gun in Kashmir has come under severe criticism as it has already consumed two precious lives while at least 35 youths have lost eye sight. Hundreds of youth have been hit by pellets since July 09, when mass protests erupted, a day after popular militant commander Burhan Wnai lost his life.

“We all need to work together to improve the situation in Kashmir,” Rajnath Singh said.

The 'controversial' Pellet Gun
The ‘controversial’ Pellet Gun

On Pakistan

“Our neighbours are trying to destabilise India. If there are any terrorists in India, they are Pakistan sponsored,” Singh said.

Quoting former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Rajnath said: “Chingari ka khel bura hota hai, auro ke ghar aag lagane ka jo sapna apne hi ghar main khada hota hai.”

On Kashmir

“I understand that everyone in the House is concerned about the situation in Kashmir. Our PM was on a foreign trip during the recent unrest. Despite him being abroad, I apprised him of the situation. The first thing he did on his return was chair a high-level meeting on the issue.

India has a special status. It is glowing example of ‘unity in diversity’. People of different cultures, who speak different languages, follow different customs and have different cuisines live together in harmony. Despite all this, our nation stands united,” Singh told the Parliament.


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