#KashmirNow: Jama’at Survey Reveals Govt Forces Have ‘Targeted Vital Parts Of Victims’



A pellet hit victim. (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)
A pellet hit victim. (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

A high level delegation of Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI) Jammu and Kashmir led by Advocate Zahid Ali visited the families of almost all those who were killed during the on-going public protests after the death of popular militant commander Burhan Wani.

The delegation visited South Kashmir districts of Pulwama, Shopian, Kulgam and Islamabad and paid glowing tributes to the slain persons and expressed total solidarity with the bereaved families.

The delegation included JeI’s tehsil presidents of Kulgam and Islamabad, Ghulam Mohi-ud-din Kolapuri and Gulzar Ahmad Uranhali and the manager of The Daily Moomin newspaper, Mohammad Ashraf Mir, a statement issued by JeI said on Friday.

“Most of the martyrs are teenaged youth besides three women and became victims of target firing by CRPF, Indian army and SOG of Police,” the statement said.

“The peaceful protestors were demanding their basic Right of Self Determination which has been promised to the people of Kashmir by India in 1947 and 1948 through the UN resolutions which is yet to be fulfilled. The Indian forces and SOG of police have crossed all limits of oppression and in order to terrorize people have killed these youth and women in cold-blood without any justification at all and as such have committed heinous offences of the massacre of unarmed civilians violating all norms of humanity blatantly and brazenly demonstrated their barbaric face and inner hatred towards the Kashmiri Muslims,” the statement said.

“Most of the victims of this barbarity have received bullets and pellets on their vital parts above the legs which have led either to their death or permanent disability,” the statement detailed.

A pellet hit youth lying in SMHS Srinagar. (KL Image: Bilal Bahdur)
A pellet hit youth lying in SMHS Srinagar. (KL Image: Bilal Bahdur)

Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir vehemently denounced the “use of brutal force by the Indian forces against the civilians raising their voice for their cherished Right of Self Determination”.

“The world has witnessed the determination of the Kashmiri’s will to achieve their birth right at any cost. Those who are trying to befool them in the name of restoring peace are destined to meet utter failure,” the statement said.

Jama’at asks the international forums and OIC to come forward and save the Kashmiri people from “annihilation at the hands of Indian forces and SOG of Police who have been given free license to kill the civilians in order to deter them from their peaceful struggle for the achievement of their basic right of self-determination”.

The delegation visited the families which include:

Irfan Malik (16) R/o Urwan, Pulwama

Azad Ahmad Thokar (40) R/o Pudsoo, Shopian

Abdul Rashid Kumar (19) R/o Chek Ranbirpora, Kulgam

Yasmeena Akhtar (23) R/o Damhal Hanjipora, Kulgam

Mushtaq Ahmad Dar (22) R/o Hawoora, Mishipora, Kulgam

Abdul Hameed Mouchi (25) R/o Arwani, Islamabad

Showkat Ahmad Mir (32) R/o Hussanpora Taweela, Islamabad

Imtiyaz Ahmad Mundoo (33) R/o Nandpora, Khanabal, Islamabad

Hilal Ahmad Dar (18) R/o Sofipora Dantar, Islamabad

Feroz Ahmad Mir (23) R/o Begam, Kulgam

Zubair Ahmad Khanday (16) R/o Kolapora, Kulgam

Khursheed Ahmad Mir (26) R/o Harwat, Kulgam

Zahoor Ahmad Mantoo (17) R/o Kisrigam, Pulwama

Showkat Ahmad Yatoo (25) R/o Churrath, Devsar

Mst. Sayeda Begum (60) R/o Churrath, Devsar

Mst. Neelofar (30) R/o Churrath, Devsar

Mashooq Ahmad Sheikh (21) R/o Kraloo, Kund, Devsar

Irfan Ahmad Dar (15) R/o Tulipora, Kulgam

Jehangir Ahmad Ganaie (19) R/o Hussanpora, Taweela, Islamabad

Haseeb Ahmad Ganaie (22) R/o Branti, Dialgam

Safeer Ahmad Bhat (25) R/o Chrarigam, Salar, Pahalgam

Danish Ayoub Shah (16) R/o Magraypora, Achabal

Sajad Ahmad Thokar (20) R/o Wutrasu, Shangus

Amir Nazir Latoo (22) R/o Baba Mohalla, Bijbehara

Saqib Manzoor (14) R/o Khandroo, Islamabad

Zubair Ahmad Kathsoo (16) R/o Kathsoo, Pahalgam

Ajaz Ahmad Thokroo (25) R/o Puhad, Pahalgam

Shahid Hussain Ganaie (20) R/o Chek Cholan, Shopian

Sayar Ahmad Kumar (15) R/o Chitragam, Kalan, Shopian

Asif Gulzar Bhat (15) R/o Chitragam, Kalan, Shopian

Jehangir Ahmad Pandit (17) R/o Mohandpora, Shopian

Muzaffar Ahmad Bhat (25) R/o Keegam, Shopian

Fayaz Ahmad Waza (28) R/o Niklora, Pulwama

Altaf Ahmad Rather (18) R/o New Colony, Rajpora, Pulwama

Jama’at-e-Islami appealed all international human rights bodies to take serious note of unjustified use of “state force” by government of India against the civilians and indiscriminate firing by automatic and pellet guns causing irreparable and grievous injuries to thousands of youth who were peacefully protesting against the illegal occupation and non-fulfilment of the pledge to hold a public referendum regarding the political future of Kashmir under the control of UNO.

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