Kashmir’s Mahira Shah Gets Entry In Indian Book of Records

SRINAGAR: Mahira Shah, 24, a resident of Pinglish Tral in South Kashmir has marked her entry in the Indian Book of Records, by creating world’s smallest Shikara in Mandala Art.

Mahira Shah, a talented mandala artist was interested in art from childhood and honed her skills with time.

“I am a self taught mandala artist. In 2008, I started doing paintings and sculptures but as I proceeded to make myself better in this field of art, my art pieces were not so attractive following which I got an idea of making mandala art and succeeded in it,” Mahira said.

“With the blessings of Allah, I became interested in creating world records. With this dedication I created the world’s first and smallest Shikara in mandala art,” she said.

“I applied for the Indian Book of Records recently and after being verified by the team, I got confirmation mail from them of creating a world record,” she added adding that she has nominated for the gold medal as well.

“Since my childhood, I had a passion to promote Kashmir and things related to Kashmir in the whole world. So far i have made different art pieces that are widely appreciated,” Mahira said.

She claimed that she has also made another world record of making kangri in mandala art and has applied for Asian Books of Records; however, she is expecting confirmation in this regard very soon.

Mahira said that she will continue to work for the promotion of this mandala art because this art can generate employment and is looking to get appreciation and encouragement from people as well as the administration. (KNO)


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