Kashmir’s pro-freedom camp reacts to Pak foreign office


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Strongly reacting to the recent statement issued by the Pakistan Foreign office that Pakistan is committed for the resolution of Kashmir issue through ‘bilateral’ process, Kashmir’s pro-freedom camp Friday said that any solution expected to evolve after the process will be unacceptable to Kashmir’s leadership.

Talking to a local news agency, KNS, Chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik said that the people of Kashmir are the main party to the dispute and if their participation could not be made in the negotiations, the solution cannot be implemented on ground. “I have been saying this that the people here are the main party to the dispute and they can’t be informed about their future through radio and TV.”

Spokesman Huriyat (G) Ayaz Akbar while commenting on the recent statement of the Pakistan foreign office claimed that more than 150 rounds of bilateral talks have taken place between India and Pakistan on Kashmir but no development has ever been felt on ground.

Akbar further stated that the ‘bilateral’ talks on Kashmir between India and Pakistan are futile exercises and that any solution after the talks will not be final solution of the ‘Long pending’ issue. “If they finalise any ready made solution about Kashmir, it will be opposed strongly here by the leadership and people.” Spokesman Huriyat (G) mentioned that Kashmir could only be resolved through ‘Democratic’ way and the implementation of the United Nations (UN) resolutions is the only way forward.

Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Chairman Shabir Shah said that the Pakistan’s policy about Kashmir has always been democratic and just. He further stated that it is the basic ‘ideology’ of Pakistan’s government to resolve Kashmir in accordance to the aspirations of the people. “We have to understand that nothing till date has come out due to bilateral talks and when Kashmir is concerned, the wishes of people should be given the prime priority.”

Pertinently, the statement was recently issued by the PAK foreign office spokesman Aijaz Choudary that it is committed to the bilateral process with India vis-à-vis the Kashmir issue and would be open for the third party intervention.


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