Mirwaiz Expresses Concern Over HC Judgment Justifying Use of ‘Lethal Weapons’

KL Report


APHC Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday expressed concern and surprise over the High Court judgment justifying the use of lethal weapons including pellet guns and Pepper gas by the forces in Kashmir.

While pronouncing the Judgment over the PIL filed by the conglomerate’s legal cell, APHC Chairman said many of the important aspects of the litigation were ignored. The APHC Chairman informed a team of legal experts was minutely studying the judgment and if need arises, Hurriyat would again approach the apex court of the state.

Addressing a mammoth gathering at historic Jamia Masjid, Mirwaiz noted that since past 65, especially in last 25 years, international laws were sidelined and Kashmiris were exploited on political, moral, social and religious basis, adding, while on the other hand Kashmiris have to face state suppression on economical front.

Noting that government institutions were defunct on ground and have been turned into the dens of widespread corruption, APHC Chairman said the authorities have turned their aggression towards common people. Like government, Mirwaiz said, “Now courts have also ignored certain realities while pronouncing the judgment over the lethality of pellet gun and pepper gas.” He said the court has justified the use of these lethal weapons by forces and police which was a cause of great concern.

He said it was a known fact that forces and police were involved in anti-people activities and using these lethal weapons against them to suppress their right to dissent.

Referring to illegal structures that have come up in violation of master plan, Mirwaiz said it was a paradox that government first issues permission to construct shopping malls, hotels and other big structures, and later seals them citing violation of city master plan. He said SMC, SDA, LAWDA have become the Centers of corruption. He said the very same institutions take bribes and issue permissions to convert residential buildings into commercial ones, and later the very same departments seal these building over the pretext of violating the master plan.

APHC Chairman however, made it clear that a section of vested interests are also to be blamed who indulge in violations of building laws. This, he said, can never be condoned in terms of law and the religious teachings. The Mirwaiz said the authorities who allow such illegal constructions and the people who give favours or illegal gratifications in lieu of official permissions suiting their economical interests are equally unethical.

Mirwaiz said the government and its institutions have failed on all levels. He said if any institution is active here; it is the army and police who are involved in suppressing Kashmiris by employing terror and gun.

He said government was to be blamed for all anti-people policies. But, APHC Chairman noted that it was also true that Kashmiris should look inwards as well while constructing big structures. He said Srinagar was spreading on bigger scale and Kashmiris should desist from doing things which are contrary to the human and moral values.


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