KCC&I condemns civilian killings


The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry condemns the rising number of killings of unarmed civilians in Kashmir during operations conducted in civilian areas. The Kashmir Chamber has time and again voiced it’s concern over the initiation of operations in civilian areas which acts as a provocation to the general public.

“This tactic has been tried, tested and has indubitably failed to achieve any tangible results. On the contrary, the situation on the ground is fast slipping out of hand and we fear that the continuance of such operations is only aimed at manufacturing of a war like situation only for political gains,” said KCC&I statement.

The KCC&I conveys its concern at the rising number of fatalities of unarmed civilians during operations. Any loss of life is a cause of concern and it cannot be business as usual for us. Civilian deaths are unacceptable and should not be allowed to be a regular feature of every operation.

The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry supported the initiation of offers of dialogue with stakeholders and the non-initiation of operations during the holy month of Ramadan.

“The need and possibility of talks was acknowledged by all but in the absence of any formal follow-up the offer only resulted in creating doubts and ambiguities in the minds of most stakeholders,” said KCC&I.

“There are disturbing reports about the huge financial rewards being the reason for having created a vested interest which directly benefits from the escalation in violence. Reports suggest that youth, students and educated individuals are pushed and provoked to feed the flourishing bounty industry,” reads KCC&I statement.

“We demand conclusive investigation and accountability in every case of death and maiming. Over a period of time, probes and commissions of enquiries have been announced in hundreds of cases of murder and maimings; but sadly none of them has satisfied the ends of justice, which is a matter of shame and concern. Someone in the long chain of command has to be accountable,” the statement said.

The KCC&I believes that the conflict is essentially political and military solutions have their limitations. Only a serious and sustained dialogue with stakeholders can help in arriving at a resolution. The dialogues initiated earlier have been totally lacking seriousness and appear to be cosmetic in nature which has aggravated the situation.

“There is a dire need to reach out to all stakeholders to find ways and means of controlling the chaos. Domination and bullying tactics have so far only proved counterproductive and we feel that the time has come to acknowledge the presence of the elephant in the room and proceed to address the legitimate aspirations of the people based on historical facts and to honour commitments made,” said KCC&I statement.

“Having personally dealt with the State of Jammu and Kashmir in various capacities since decades your excellency is, without doubt, the most well-versed person with regard to the complicated and multifarious facets of the Kashmir issue. We know you as an ardent believer in the process of meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders for permanent resolution of an issue. You would appreciate – more than anybody else – the need for putting an end to the attempt to create a hostile environment in the Valley. In the meantime, we urge you to kindly issue strict directions to all for adhering to the Standard,” KCC&I spokesman said in a statement.


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