KCCI Condemns Killing Of Civilians

SRINAGAR: Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCC&I) has condemned the spree of killing of innocent civilians and expressed heartfelt sympathies with the bereaved families.

According to KCC&I spokesperson, the members of Kashmir’s largest trade body are deeply shocked and distressed at the loss of lives over the past few weeks.

“We withstand by the innocents in this hour of grief, fear and insecurity,” the spokesperson said adding that whoever kills an innocent life, is as if, he has killed all of humanity.

“As Kashmir has been known for its hospitality, the incidents like these are unfortunate and create a dent to its image,” said KCCI spokesperson in a statement.

“As Kashmir’s economy is reviving after successive pandemic triggered lockdowns and the business activities had started to revive, unfortunate incidents like these may derail it again,” he said.

“Also, the tourism industry which was facing slump since past more than two years may be impacted.
Pertinent to mention, Kashmir’s economy is intricately linked with the non- migrant workforce working in Kashmir despite years of turmoil and violence,” he added

“Thousands of non- migrant construction workers, vendors and labourers come to Kashmir to earn their livelihood,” said the KCCI spokesman in a statement.

“They are also hired during the season of sowing and harvesting of crops,” he said.

“During coronavirus triggered lockdown, non-locals in Kashmir did not migrate to homes. At that time, many NGO’s, mohalla, masjid committees and government had ensured they survive and are supported in absence of livelihood,” he added.

KCC&I has extended full support to minorities in Kashmir as is the ethos of Kashmir.


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