Trade Continues Seeking Support For Vulnerable, KCCI Meets Adisor


SRINAGAR: A delegation of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Indus try (KCCI) led by President Sheikh Ashiq and Secretary-general Farooq Amin, met Advisor to Lt. Governor, Baseer Ahmad Khan and highlighted the crisis of the economically vulnerable sections of the society impacted due to pandem ic triggered lockdown.

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The delegation was accompanied by the presidents of other associations like trade, transport, tourism, and other allied sectors like Kashmir Traders and Manufactures Federation (KTMF), Federation chamber of industries kashmir (FCIK), Houseboat Associations, who also highlighted these issues and briefed about the problems they are facing due to the prevailing situation. The delegation appreciated the government’s Covid19 management and ex tended all support to the efforts to contain the contagion said spokesperson, Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).

They fervently appealed for the monetary compensation of vulnerable sections of the society impacted due to Corona Curfew.

The delegation thanked J&K LG Manoj Sinha, for announcing relief measures for Covid-19 affected people. Pertinent to mention, it was after the request of President KCCI, that the government announced relief measures to all regis tered construction workers, ‘ponywalas’ ‘palkiwalas’ and ‘pithuwalas’ for the next two months.

However, they requested LG to extend the relief measures and compensation to other impacted sectors of the society who also live from hand to mouth and have been impacted due to pandemic lockdowns like artisans, waivers, transporters, small shopkeepers, street vendors and industrial labourers. He suggested augmenting monthly monetary assistance to the families so that that they can afford the cost of two meals a day, said its spokesperson.

A substantial amount of Rs 5000 per month be provided to the vulnerable sections of society whose livelihoods have taken a hit. As the lockdown con tinues due to the raging virus, he urged the government to continue to pro vide free ration for people living Below Poverty Line (BPL) for at least 2 months.

also necessary to ensure a safe corridor for the movement of goods which would save the goods from getting expired and also generate revenue for the Government by way of taxes. Besides that he suggested the smooth supplies of essential products and facilitating the smooth operations in delivering essential commodities like food products and FMCG. In this second mutant wave of the pandemic as oxygen has emerged as the priced commodity, he suggested hassle-free oxygen and medical supplies in the hospitals and other places of need. As the essential commodities workers are exposed to contagion, he urged the government to prioritize their vaccination.

Further, in order to ensure that the contagion is contained and prevent its spread, he requested the government to ensure proper fumigation of pub lic places and contaminating zones.

As the valley has been reeling under successive lockdowns and has seen very little business activity in the last few years, the delegation urged the government to come up with a policy so that losses can be compensated even in the future.
According to spokesperson, KCCI will come up with a de tailed report regarding suggestions to bring the economy on track again after consulting all the stakeholders in a fortnight’s time.


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